What is subject English?

Students explore the critical and imaginative use of the English language in its various textual forms. These encompass spoken, written and visual texts through which meaning is shaped, conveyed, interpreted and reflected.

How do we teach English?

The aim of studying English is to enable students to use, understand, appreciate, reflect on and enjoy the English language in a variety of texts and to shape meaning in ways that are imaginative, interpretive, critical and powerful. This is achieved through our exciting and challenging programs and assessments that are wedded to The Australian Curriculum in NSW and The NSW Stage 6 English Syllabus.

Other opportunities exist to demonstrate language skills?

  • Debating
  • Public Speaking
  • Competitions

Year 7

  • Value in Texts.
  • An Introduction to Film.
  • Texts In Action.
  • Keeping It Real – A Study of Non-Fiction.

Year 8

  • The Hero's Journey: Creative Writing.
  • An Introduction to Shakespear.
  • Through My Window: Different Perspectives.
  • History in Texts: Fact or Fiction

Year 9

  • Representations of Aboriginal People in Texts
  • “To the Bitter End” Conflict in Romeo and Juliet
  • Online Magazines
  • Novel Study

Year 10

  • Writing and studying short stories
  • Conflict: Creative Writing
  • Journeys
  • Human Rights
  • Shakespeare