Students participating in our Creative & Performing Arts program are offered a range of disciplines including Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Drama and Theatre. In each arts area, students gain practical experience in a supportive, non-judgmental environment that emphasises performance and analytical/critical thinking skills, as well as leadership and team building skills. By participating in one of our ensembles throughout the year students are given the opportunity to participate in representative organisations such as the Arts Unit ensembles; Sydney Regional ensembles; State Music, Dance and Drama.


Dance is offered as an elective subject in Stage 5 and 6. Students choosing Dance in Year 9 will study Dance for both years 9 and 10. Dance for the HSC is a Category A course that follows a HSC Syllabus.


Drama at Cronulla High School is offered in Stage 5 and Stage 6. In Stage 5 (years 9 and 10) Elective Drama students work towards presenting a series of Commedia Dell Arte performances. Students also work on different theatrical styles and practitioners including Brecht and Boal. Theory within the Drama program represents an essential and robust element of the course. Stage 6 Drama student’s study three main areas of the curriculum; Making, Performing, and Critically Studying. Theatre excursions take place throughout the course to support and enhance coursework.


Music is a mandatory subject in Year 7 & 8 (Stage 4). Students study aspects of music during Year 7 and 8. Objectives are:
– Composing
– Performing and
– Listening

In Year 9 & 10 (Stage 5) students can take music as an elective for 200 hours duration over the two year period.
In Year 11 & 12 (Stage 6) students can take music as a 2 Unit Course 1 or Course 2.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is a mandatory course in Years 7 & 8 (Stage 4) and an elective course in Years 9-12 (Stages 5 & 6).
Students in Year’s 7 to 11 are offered opportunities to explore a broad range of media and techniques in their artmaking. These include: drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, design, sculpture, digital media and photography. Students are encouraged to be creative, experimental and work collaboratively.
Students studying Art at HSC level are required to work autonomously in the creation of a Body of Work, in any media or combination of, and of any subject matter. Their artmaking practice is closely supervised by the Visual Arts teacher.
Artists and artworks studied in the Critical and Historical components of Visual Arts courses relate to the practical opportunities, and are carefully selected to inspire our students. Students learn to analyse artworks, as well as developing an understanding of art and its context across time and place.
Students have the opportunity to participate in collaborative installations and exhibit their own work on “Open Night”; “Arts in The Dark” and also in our annual stand-alone art exhibition.
Students are able to access resources for their courses through the school Moodle. They are also able to see online galleries for their year group on Moodle.