Year 7 and 8 Drama Ensemble.

The Drama Ensembles provide an opportunity for students to develop performance skills( at varying levels) in acting, improvisation, and collaborative group work. An atmosphere is created whereby students are encouraged to develop self-confidence and other social skills through experimenting creatively in a safe and nurturing environment.

Students are given the opportunity to perform at various events at the school together with performance opportunities in the wider community.

Year 7 Drama Ensemble takes place during Tuesday lunchtimes in the Drama Studio.

Year 8 Drama Ensemble takes place during Wednesday lunchtimes in the Drama Studio.

Cronulla High School Drama Company.

The Drama Company consists of students who successfully audition. Auditions take place prior to our overseas Performing Arts Tour. Selected students are invited to participate in the tour. In 2016 our Drama Company performed at Universal Studios and Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, USA. The Company also performed at Sydney Regional Drama Festival which took place at NIDA.

Students need to have a minimum of two years Drama experience in order to apply for the Drama Company. Students must also be studying Drama as an elective.

It is expected that auditions for the 2017 /18 Drama Company will take place during semester 2.