Year 7-10 'Study Skills' Program

Friday 21 Aug

On Tuesday 18th August, all Year 7-10 participated in this terms session of Cronulla High School's 'Study Skills' Program. The study skills program provides students with skills and tips on how to effectively study, prepare for assessment tasks, manage their time and remain organised during the term. Each year group had a bespoke session which was designed specifically to meet the needs of their cohort. It was fantastic to see all students engaged and actively participating in every classroom.

In term 1, we asked our students what they felt they needed assistance in when it came to study and organisation. The Study Skills team used this survey information to design and develop activities which catered to the needs of each year group.

  • Ms Shannon and Ms Deen's Year 7 session provided students with strategies to effectively plan for upcoming tasks and to better understand assessment notifications and requirements.
  • Ms Borkovic and Ms McMullen's Year 8 session included developing effective mind mapping skills, better understanding the value of directive verbs in assessment questions and their role in marking criteria's.
  • Ms Wilkinson and Ms Hargraeves Year 9 session taught students how to effectively paraphrase and summarise study notes, as well as introduced students to a number of new study strategies.
  • Ms Wilson and Mr Browns Year 10 session helped students become aware of a number of subject specific study strategies they can use and how to write engaging study notes.

A big thank you to the Study Skills team for designing and developing these resources for Year 7-10 and thank you to all the teachers who administered the session in their classes. All session PowerPoint presentations and accompanying resources can be found on Moodle, under 'Study Skills'. We look forward to seeing our junior students continue to develop their study skills, which will better equip them to achieve their learning goals, both this year and in their future studies.

Miss Tsiorvas

Head Teacher Secondary Studies