​Year 12 Mentor Program

Monday 09 Oct

The Year 12 Mentor program is a successfully run program at Cronulla High School and is designed to maximise every students potential. It involves informal meetings with a teacher chosen by the student in year 12. These meetings can take place at a pre-determined time, negotiated by the student and teacher. The purpose of these meetings is to provide assistance and advice to students with any aspects of their study, e.g. writing study timetables leading up to examination time, providing a shoulder to cry on in times of stress, examination preparation, and the like.

It’s time for our new Year 12’s to choose mentors for 2018 HSC year. Students will be given the list of teacher names who have volunteered their time, and it is expected the students return this form to me by week 3 of Term 4. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff who give up their time to participate in the Year 12 Mentor program.

Past students comments, who have actively participated in the program, have all been very positive and most students agree that this is a very worthwhile program.

If your require more information regarding mentoring, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.


Fiona Mayo