Subject Selection

Monday 26 Jul

Due to COVID restrictions - this will be an all digital event.

Students and parents will receive emails from the school and EDVAL.

This email includes;

Subject Selection Booklet

Information Video - this video replace the face to face presentation we would normally have at the school with students and parents.

Students will also receive an important email from EDVAL education. This will include a unique webcode and instructions on how to enter their subject choices into the EDVAL website. If you do not receive your webcode by 12pm today, check your spam or junk mail, otherwise please contact the school.

Important Dates:

Wednesday 28th July, 9:00am - EDVAL website will open to take student choices for their subject selection.

Wednesday 4th August 5pm EDVAL website will close, students will no longer be able to login to website.

Monday 26th July - Ediary Schedule Post.

Students will be provided with teacher emails for subject co-ordinators. Students wanting to ask specific subject questions will be able to email these teachers starting Monday 26th July. There will also be online face to face Q&A sessions with the subject co-ordinators on Microsoft Teams and this schedule will be posted on ediary.

Year 10 Information Video Year 8 Information Video Year 10 Subject Selection Booklet Year 8 Subject Selection Booklet