Study Skills

Friday 16 Oct

During period 1 today, Year 7-10 students participated in Study Skills Session 4 in the lead up to their Term 4 assessment period. Sessions were customised to suit the needs of each year group, with students participating in activities to strengthen their planning, organisation, note taking and study skills.

- Year 7 created their own study planner for their week 2-3 assessment period and developed their note taking skills

- Year 8 developed a revision plan for each of their subjects and enhanced their dynamic reading skills

- Year 9 learnt how to best manage their time and prepare for their assessment tasks across each subject area

- Year 10 scheduled their upcoming commitments and developed strategies to prepare for assessments in advance

We hope that all of Year 7-10 apply the skills and resources provided to assist in their preparation for the upcoming assessments. All resources can also be found on Moodle under the Study Skills page.

A big thank you to the following teachers in the Study Skills Team who planned for and developed these wonderful resources for our students: Ms Shannon, Ms Dean, Ms McMullen, Ms Borkovic, Ms Wilkinson, Ms Hargraeves, Ms Wilson and Mr Brown. Thank you to all Year 7-10 teachers who delivered these sessions to their classes during Period 1 today.

Ms Tsiorvas

Head Teacher Secondary Studies