CAPA New York Tour

Monday 16 Apr

Stay up to date with all the latest photos and videos of the CAPA New York Tour on our Facebook page where students are writing daily posts about their experiences. The first of many posts are below.

News from Room 606.

The group met at Sydney international airport at 6 AM to board the flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. It was a flight that took over 14 hours. We then got off the plane at LAX to pick up a flight to JFK airport in New York. This flight took around 4 and a half hours. Most of us slept for most of the journey. After getting off the plane we were taken to our hotel in our tour bus. That night we walked through town to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. New York is a lively place at night time. We ate burgers and cookies that went down well after out flight meals.

The highlight of the night was spent on the rooftop of the Rockefeller building at 10pm. We took a lift to the 70th floor to a viewing deck where we were able to see over the whole city. It was very cold up there but the view was spectacular. By the time we arrived back to the hotel it was almost midnight, so after being awake for 36 hours we settled down to a good nights sleep.

Ashlee, Katie, Charlie, Lucy.