Computing Studies

Computing Studies Faculty

Specialist computing teachers Mr Thomas Hollywood, Ms Kate Hollywood, Ms Stephanie Koch, Mr Han Ozmen and Ms Cathie Cashmere are located on the third level of the School Library. They are also responsible for the schools Network and are available to help students with technology problems. Technical Support Officer (TSO) Mr Kingsley is located in A Block near the school office and provides students and teachers with expert support for DER Laptops and also Bring Your Own Device.

Subjects Offered

Year 11 & 12 Industrial Technology Multimedia

Industrial Technology – Multimedia is running currently in both year groups. Students are able to pursue their own area of interest in creating a Major Project as part of their HSC. This is marked externally and contributes 60% to their HSC. 2018 results were outstanding with 2 students achieving a Band 6 and a further 7 students achieved a Band 5. Examples of projects include: Websites, Videos, Game Development and Online Magazines. Students have the opportunity to develop their skills during Year 11 where they complete 2 minor projects. Students are given the opportunity to use many school resources including Canon and Go Pro cameras, green screens, 3D printers, and different types of unique applications to cater for each students interests.

Year 10 Information and Software Technology

Information and Software Technology is a popular choice of elective subject with classes running in each year group. Students get the opportunity to learn skills in the use of Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Suite. Students are given the opportunity to become advanced users of Microsoft Excel and Access. The Adobe Suite has a heavy influence in this course, students create websites using HTML and CSS programming in Adobe Muse, they also use Photoshop to create and manipulate images for the creation of assets. Adobe InDesign is used to create online magazines, as well as other flash objects like image galleries. Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects are used to create/edit videos and incorporate special/visual effects. The year 10 IST course also gives students the opportunity to create games which can be published on the Apple App store using Construct 2 and Unity 3d Engine.

Year 9 Industrial Technology Multimedia

The Multimedia focus area provides opportunities for students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to multimedia, photographic and associated industries. The Multimedia 1 core module includes common content and topic content that develops knowledge and skills in the use of tools, materials and techniques related to Web Design and Video Production. These are enhanced and further developed through the study of the Multimedia 2 specialist module in Apps and Interactivity, and Games and Simulations. Practical projects should reflect the nature of the Multimedia focus area and provide opportunities for students to develop specific knowledge, understanding and skills related to multimedia technologies.

These may include: 2D and 3D animations, augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) products, computer games, ePublications, individual photographic images and graphics (for print and/or digital display), videos, websites and apps.

Year 7 & 8 Computing Studies
Computing Studies is a mandatory component for Stage 4 students. They learn a broad range of software Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and other specialist software like Unity 3d Engine, Construct 2, Mixcraft and Visio. The students learn to design and problem solve while being creative. Students really enjoy the opportunity to learn programs such as Photoshop, Muse and Indesign and can take these skills into the assessments they submit for other subjects.

Example Student Projects provided here.